Actions to develop and implement the Greenleap strategy

25 November 2003
Version 1.g

Note: the most recent actions are at the end of the list.

  • Over 1000 copies of the Greenleap paper have been distributed.

  • Philip Sutton is holding a series of one-to-one meetings/email communications with interested individuals to establish an action network and working group.  So far 56 people have accepted invitations to join the network.  Most people are in Australia, and Melbourne in particular, but there are network members living in India, New Zealand, UK and the US.

  • Strategic planning for the "Greenleap action network" started on 2nd June.

  • Several versions of a goal statement have been developed and are now being tested:

    "to achieve an ecologically-sustainable economy and society before 2030"

    "to catalyse the transition to an ecologically-sustainable economy and society before 2030"

  • The focus of strategic planning is now turning to the question of 
    "what sort of organisation do we need to foster the achievement of an ecologically-sustainable economy and society before 2030?"

  • Talks are being given to groups of interested people - to date - mainly in Melbourne. A number of strategic alliances are developing out of these talks.

  • In October 2003, work started on forming a Biodiversity Transformative Fund.  The formation of transformative funds was recommended in the Greenleap strategy paper.  For information on the Biodiversity Transformative Fund see:

  • In November 2003, work started on 'Race to Sustainability' - a cooperative competition to help mobilise communities to achieve environmental sustainability. For information on the Race to Sustainability concept see:

Please email us if you want to contribute to the development and implementation of the Greenleap strategy.

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