"Translating sustainability into reality":

The Green Innovations translation project

    Translation of key Dutch documents into English


Project coordinator (at this stage):

Philip Sutton
Phone: International: +61 3 9486 4799 ,  within Australia: (03) 9486 4799
Green Innovations home page: http://www.green-innovations.asn.au/


Participating translators

At the moment we have had 6 expressions of interest and one translator has confirmed interest (as at 14 August 02).  The confirmed translators are:

Kurt van Wijick


Documents to be translated:

CREM documents on system innovation - they make up one report - (documents are all in MS Word format)
(CREM: http://www.crem.nl/)

The report that these documents make up discusses who to foster 'system innovation' as a means of major profound transformations in the economy so that sustainability can be achieved.  The idea of system innovation was popularised and given official support in the 4th Dutch National Environment Plan - see:


Bijlagen-systeeminovatie.doc  (~35 pages, 894 kb)

Hoofdrapport-systeeminnovatie.doc  (~35 pages, 209 kb)

Inhoudsopgave.doc  (2 pages, 21 kb)

Titelblad.doc  (1 page, 110 kb)


Allocation of work:
Document Pages Person Contact details
Hoofdrapport-systeeminnovatie.doc (Pages 1- 15) Kurt van Wijick Kurt van Wijick <tailoredcom@bigpond.com>
???? ???? ???? ????


A Dutch glossary of technical jargon



Online translation aids

There are quite a few free online translation services - some of which have a facility for translating to and from Dutch.  Some of the services are simple dictionaries (translating single words), others offer text translation - sometimes with a word limit per translation (eg. 150 words at a time).  The services below handle Dutch.




How to format the material that is sent back to Green Innovations

Could you send the translated text back in chunks (could be all in one document) that correspond to the pages in the original document.  This makes it easy for anyone to go back to the original text to check on the finer points of the translation: eg.

You could divide the text up in a similar fashion to the example below.  (There's a huge prize for anyone identifying the language the example's written in.)

---original page 1-----

afgagf ag argaray sts thth strh s
th sth sth sths tr sth

---original page 2-----

shsths t
ststu sustu stru stu susu
s us yusyu sus u

---original page 3-----

zfz rgz zry ztyzty ty ty styztu ystu
s tsyu stusrt usykd kdtykdkjd j
s jsu sus usu


The results



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