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Skwyrulpro (3.5e)

A personal information manager
running on Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0.



An extremely useful program to have, at the ready, for brainstorming, storing and retrieving lots of bit and pieces of vital information and for providing a gateway into your whole computer and the wider world via the internet and phone.  Skwyrulpro is a very useful tool for handling information related to personal management, projects and research.

Green Innovations staff use this program as a personal productivity tool and also package information in Skwyrulpro files as a convenient way to make structured information available to others.

The program is under active development and enhancements are added every few months - in fact, a major upgrade (version 4.0a) is now available from:

The new version (v4.0a)  is much more powerful than v3.5e but is still a bit 'buggy' - (as at 13 Nov 2000) - but the developer is actively working to eliminate the bugs.

Technical characteristics:

The left hand panel is a hierarchical tree.  Each node on the left links to a note (free-form document) in the right panel. Each node can be marked with a customisable image to make recognition easier.  Text can be formatted.  Templates can be used to drop pre-prepared text or other information into a note. Flat-file databases can be embedded in the notes.  Hyperlinks to files on the user's computer can be created by dragging and dropping the name of folders or files from Windows Explorer.  Hyperlinks can be created to notes and to Skwyrul files.  Internet hyperlinks can be created as well.  There is a special task manager module.  Groups of notes can be merged and exported as a .TXT or .RFT file. Clicking on email addresses invokes your own or a simple, inbuilt email package and phone numbers can be clicked on and dialled.


The basic program - version 3.5e  (662 kb)

Image customising tools - for version 3.5e

A special program to create customised image files-  (436 kb)

Custom image files:
Skwyrulpro standard image set-  (14 kb)
Green Innovations supplementary images-  (7 kb)

Comments, bugs and enhancements:

Please send general comments, bug reports and suggestions for enhancements to:

"Andy Walker" <>

If you want to comment on how the program might be used for Green Innovations' purposes send a message to:

Program source:

The program is the work of Andy Stevon Walker (UK).  Philip Sutton of Green Innovations has been working with Andy to develop new functionality for the program.

The program is made available as 'careware', that is, the software is free but Andy hopes that users will, as a gesture of appreciation, donate money to their favourite charity or do something else to benefit the community.

The version of the program available from this site has been customised for Green Innovations.  The standard version can be downloaded from:

Andy Stevon Walker can be contacted at:

"Andy Walker" <>

Author:  Philip Sutton
First posted:  5 April 2000
Content updated:  12 July 2001
Format updated:  -
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