The email list
for people helping society to leapfrog rapidly to
an ecologically sustainable economy


What is the list for?

Hosted in Australia, Greenleap is a list for people interested in leapfrogging rapidly to an ecologically sustainable economy.

The list is for the exchange of 'info gems' rather than open-ended chat. The strengths of the list includes the very high quality/information content of the messages and their strategic focus and spread.

The list currently has over 900 subscribers.  (As of April 2013)  The list was started in May 1997.

Who runs the list?

The list is run by RSTI (Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation Inc.) - a not-for-profit think tank.

Subscribing and unsubscribing

There are two ways to subscribe or unsubscribe from this list:

1. Send a blank message to:

greenleap-subscribe@yahoogroups.com   -   to subscribe
greenleap-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com   -   to unsubscribe

2.You can subscribe to Greenleap using the form below:

Subscribe to Greenleap

eg.  jo.bloggs@myemail.server.net

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Posting to the list

To post to the list send a message to:


Postings to the list should focus on material that is highly relevant to the rapid creation of an ecologically sustainable economy and they should especially emphasise the process of rapid leapfrog change.

THIS LIST IS NOT  REALLY FOR CHAT. Please limit your postings to the list and ensure that what your post is of high quality. Subscribers value the list precisely because they do not get swamped with low quality messages and because what they do get is useful.

If any subscribers wish to discuss an issue at any length, they can ask the Greenleap list managers to set up a separate temporary list for those people especially interested in the topic.

The list moderators will block a subscriber's ability to post to the list if subscribers do not follow the list's content policy.

Greenleap is a fully moderated list. to maintain quality and manage the number of individual postings, the list moderator decides which postings go to the list and whether the content is bundled into a compendium mailing or is condensed.

Fees and other ways to support the Greenleap service

Fees are charged (with some exceptions) to provide funds to enable the Greenleap service to continue operating and to improve in quality.

There are several options ranging from a modest fee - to a free service for those who cannot afford any contribution at this time.

Since not every person or organisation can afford the standard fees there are several options to bring the Greenleap service within your reach:

And you can always support the Greenleap service with donations - at any time or for any amount!

Here's how to pay (or negotiate other arrangements)

You can post us a cheque or money order, or make a direct deposit or credit card payment online, or contact us to negotiate a barter or free subscription:

The prices quoted above do not have a GST component (Australian Goods and Services Tax). RSTI is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organisation and its turnover is under the threshold that triggers the requirement to collect the GST.

Pay by cheque or money order in Australian $s only.  It must be made out to 'Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation Inc.' (not to 'Greenleap') .  Post to:

Greenleap Information Service
PO Box 27
Fairfield VIC 3078
Include the email address(es) that your subscription covers.

Pay by direct bank transfer:

Direct deposit into the bank account specified in the downloadable document: Greenleap-subscription-information. Please indicate that the payment is for "Greenleap sub".
Then send us an email to tell us what email address(es) this subscription covers.

If you want to be really thorough about the information to send us (this is optional) have a look at the downloadable document:

If you have any questions about any of this, send us an email: greenleap@green-innovations.asn.au

Modifying the way that Greenleap messages are posted to you

You can modify the way that Greenleap emails are posted to you by changing the options at:


To access this webpage you will need a Yahoo! ID and password.  See below for how to get them.

The options are:

(The image above is a non-interactive copy of part of a Yahoo! webpage.
To enter data or use the hyperlinks you will have to go to the
real Yahoo! webpage.
See the web address above this image.)

The daily digest (compilation mailing) is useful if you don't want to have to open many separate Greenleap emails a day.  But please note: the daily digest (compilation) does NOT include attachments (attached files).  If you see a reference in the digest to an attachment that interests you, you will have to go to the Greenleap message archive to download it.

The no email option is useful if you are going away for an extended period and don't want Greenleap emails to pile up in your email in tray - but you don't want to unsubscribe from Greenleap.  You can access messages that weren't mailed to you by going to the archive.

Accessing the Greenleap message archive on the web

Subscribers to Greenleap can access an archive of posted messages.  To access the archive go to:


To access this webpage you will need a Yahoo! ID and password.  See below for how to get them.

Getting a Yahoo! ID and Password

Getting a Yahoo! ID

When you go to this page, you will be asked to enter your Yahoo! ID and password - see screenshot below:

(This image is a non-interactive copy of part of a Yahoo! webpage.
To enter data or use the hyperlinks you will have to go to the
real Yahoo! webpage.  See the web address above this image.) 

If you haven't got a Yahoo! ID and password then (when on the Yahoo! website) click on the "Sign up now" hyperlink to the left of the page and follow the instructions that Yahoo! gives you. (By the way, once you have a Yahoo ID you can use the other Yahoo! services).

In the course of creating your Yahoo! ID you will be asked to register an "alternative email address".  This should be the address that was used to subscribe you to Greenleap.  If you are note sure what email address this is follow the advice below

Keep a copy (!) of your Yahoo! ID and password in a secure place that you will be able to find later when needed.  You can also get the Yahoo! webpage to store your ID/password on your computer so you don't have to retype it every time.

Associating your Yahoo ID with your subscription to Greenleap

There is one more step to take after getting your Yahoo! ID and password.  You will need to 'associate' your new Yahoo! ID with your existing Greenleap list subscription.  There are two ways of doing this.  

1. The easiest is to go to:


Then look to see which groups you are subscribed to.  If Greenleap appears on the screen then you're in business. (You will probably see a screen a bit like the following.)

(This image is a non-interactive copy of part of a Yahoo! webpage.
To enter data or use the hyperlinks you will have to go to the
real Yahoo! webpage.)

If Greenleap is in the list of groups then you can go to the Greenleap archive by clicking in the "greenleap" hyperlink in the "Group Name" column.  Before you are taken to the Greenleap page, Yahoo! will ask you to set your 'profile'.  Select the option offered (there should only be one for a new user).  And you will then be taken to the Yahoo! Greenleap homepage. From there, click on the "messages" hyperlink in the left hand menu column and - at last (!!!!) - you will have reached the message archive.

2. If you go to the "My Yahoo!Groups" page (as in the first option above) and "Greenleap" isn't included in your groups list you will probably see a screen that looks something like:

(This image is a non-interactive copy of part of a Yahoo! webpage.
To enter data or use the hyperlinks you will have to go to the
real Yahoo! webpage.)

If Greenleap isn't listed then get Yahoo! to find your Greenleap subscription by using the 'wizard' - click on the "Membership Wizard" hyperlink on the "My Groups" webpage, or go to:


Follow the instructions that Yahoo! gives you. You will be presented with a list of one or more email addresses.  Make sure this list includes the email address that you used to subscribe to Greenleap. Before continuing with the membership wizard association process make sure this email address is selected (ticked).  If the email address that you used to subscribe to Greenleap is not listed then use the "add new email address" facility to add it.  If you are not sure what the correct email address should be then follow the advice in the next section below.

You will need to verify that the email address(es) used in the association process are verified.  Yahoo! give you instructions on how to do this.  They will send you an email to any email address you are verifying.  There could be a delay of up to some hours before you get this email.  So don't worry if it's a while coming.

Making sure you register the precise email address that was used to subscribe you to Greenleap

If you are to access Greenleap webpages on the Yahoo! system it is essential that as part of the 'association' process that you link the exact email address that you used when you were subscribed to Greenleap.  If you have forgotten which email address  was used then you can find this out by looking at a message sent to you from Greenleap. Get your email software to show the 'full headers' or the 'raw view' of the message.  In the full headers of your message from Greenleap you should find something like:

Received: from n15.grp.scd.yahoo.com (n15.grp.scd.yahoo.com [])
by {your ISP} (Postfix) with SMTP id 24418483DE
for <your subscribed email address>; Sun, 7 Apr 2002 22:41:12 +1000 (EST)

You can get advice on how to access headers from:


Once you have your Yahoo! ID and password and you have associated your ID with the Greenleap subscription you will never have to go through all this rigmarole again.  (Thank goodness!)

Volunteering and volunteer tasks

We are keen to involve volunteers in operating the list.  Some of the jobs that need doing are:

If you think you can help Greenleap or you want to explore the possibilities please contact:


To return to the RSTI website click here.

Author:  Philip Sutton
First posted:  4 August 1999
Content updated:  12 April 2013
Format updated:  20 August 2005
Feedback & Enquiries:  Philip.Sutton@green-innovations.asn.au