5 key questions to guide us
in creating a better world

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Philip Sutton
Director, Policy and Strategy
Green Innovations Inc.
Tel & fax: +61 3 9486 4799
31 August Year 2000
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by Philip Sutton.

  1. What do we/society need or want to sustain, and what genuine progress do we/society need or want to achieve?

  2. How can we manage parts of systems so as to also benefit the whole (people globally, future generations and nature)?  How can we avoid major-trade-offs when we pursue individual initiatives?

  3. Which of our/society’s goals are essential, which are examples of higher goals, and which are discretionary when the achievement of the essential goals is threatened?

  4. Will our/society’s essential goals (including our/our society’s goals for nature [for its own sake / for our sake]) (in the areas of sustainability and genuine progress) be achieved if:

    1. we/society continue doing what we are doing now in the usual way (eg. same management approaches, same technologies, etc.)?

    2. we/society continue generating the same basic outputs (eg. products, services, etc.)?

  5. What can we do to ensure that our and society’s essential goals (for sustainability and progress) are achieved in a timely fashion with the maximum compatible achievement of our and society’s discretionary goals.

Author:  Philip Sutton
First posted:  31 August 2000
Feedback & Enquiries:   Philip.Sutton@green-innovations.asn.au

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