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  • Sites that discuss sustainability / sustainable development / sustainability-promoting business management:
    Michael Jessen's Toenail Environmental Services

    - scroll past the book list and you will find a very comprehensive list of web addresses.

  • Japan: ZERI: Zero Emissions Research Initiative

  • Germany: The Wuppertal Institute

  • UK: Sustainable Economy Unit, Forum for the Future

  • UK: SustainAbility

  • USA: The Rocky Mountain Institute

  • USA: Sustainable Business Network

  • Ecotaxation - resources, people and organisations

  • Links to global web resources via the Sustainability Web Ring

    Sustainability Web Ring control panel

    Link to The European Foundation "Sustainable Development Online" links database

    SD Online
    European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

    The International Human Dimensions Programme on Industrial Transformation (IHDP-IT)


    Many more links should be added (!) - suggestions are welcome! We are especially looking for organisations and people who are promoting an ecologically sustainable economy or are helping business to contribute significantly to the actual achievement of ecological sustainability. We are very keen to build up links in the Asian area and continental Europe.

    Author:  Philip Sutton
    First posted:  24 September 1999
    Content updated:  31 May 2000
    Format updated:  31 May 2000
    Feedback & Enquiries:  Philip.Sutton@green-innovations.asn.au

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