Why has society failed (to date)
to adequately protect the environment?
And what should we do about it?

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Philip Sutton
Director, Policy and Strategy
Green Innovations Inc.
Tel & fax: +61 3 9486 4799
20 September 2000
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The challenge Contents

On 18th September 2000 Peter Montague, Editor of Rachel's Weekly asked subscribers to send in ideas about "why we humans have failed to protect the environment in the past?".  He said Rachel's Weekly was looking for fundamentals.


One responseContents

Philip Sutton, Director of Policy and Strategy for Green Innovations sent the following response......


I've been working on environmental issues actively since 1972 so what follows grows out of that experience.

I'm aware that the causation of our failure, to date, to adequately protect the environment is extremely complex - so to narrow things down to the three key causes that I will suggest is a massive over-simplification.

But we need to start somewhere in order to maximise strategic leverage.

I think many of the causes are in themselves caused by the following three factors.  I think that too many people have the view that:

I think if we were able to change the culture (eventually globally) so that we had a different approach then the consequential unfolding of that alternate approach would tend to result in solutions being found *over time* to a huge complex of current problems.

To put my three points into the positive, I think we need a culture where people:

The question then is: how do we bring this cultural approach into being (widely enough and fast enough) and what practical tools and skills do we need if we are to give practical effect to this cultural approach?

(Ideas that bear on this approach can be found in many places on the Green Innovations web-site:


What do you think?Contents

Please feel free to send your ideas to Peter Montague, Editor, Rachel's Weekly and, if you like, to Green Innovations as well.



Author:  Philip Sutton
First posted:  20 September 2000
Feedback & Enquiries:   Philip.Sutton@green-innovations.asn.au


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